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Calonge - Sant Antoni de Calonge 

The municipality of Calonge, situated at the southern end of the Baix Empordà, bordering with the region of La Selva,comprises an area of 33.5 km2 and a population of 10,700 inhabitants. It’s geometric shape reminds of an amphitheater: surrounded by mountains on all sides except the plane area, which is delimited by the bay. Calonge borders to the north with Vulpellac, the northeast with Palamos, the south with Platja d'Aro and the west with Santa Cristina d'Aro and Cruïlles. The municipality is composed of two differentiated urban centers: Calonge, inside, 2.5 km from the coast and San Antoni, at the sea, sharing the bay with Palamos.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, namely temperate, with mild winters and hot dry summers. In winter, the north wind (Tramontana) blows, though the mountains of Les Gavarres give protection and therefor it is usually less strong than in the rest of the Empordà.

The municipality has a full program of leisure and cultural activities and summer sports. The entertainment program “Estiu Actiu”  organizes 500 activities: leisure, culture and sport for the whole family.

The beach of Sant Antoni de Calonge at the Central Costa Brava


Located at the foot of the massif “Les Gavarres”, 2 km from the coast, Calonge is the historic center of the town. Worth mencioning is the itinerary that passes by the medieval castle, the church of San Martín and the street “Carrer del Càlcul”. We can continue the walk through the maze of streets and alleys surrounding the town center and its city walls.

Sant Antoni de Calonge

Situated at the sea side in the middle of the Costa Brava and sharing the bay with Palamos in the north. Walking the itinerary “Camí de Ronda” you can enjoy the beaches and coves, with its beautiful scenery, and go up to Platja d'Aro in the south.

The structure of the coast as well as the climate and winds, are suitable for water sports all year round. If you visit the church you’ll find a nice playground for children. The Cultural Space “Marsala” offers exhibitions and conferences throughout the year, but ,especially in summer, you will find samples of local art.

Playa d’Aro

Its privileged location, on the coast and near the main transport connections, the number of shops, the variety of night life and leisure proposals and the quality of its tourist facilities are just some of the main attractions of Platja d’Aro, Castell d’Aro and S’Agaró. All of these can be enjoyed during all year round , and have made it one of the main destinations of the Costa Brava, and one of the most popular of the whole Mediterranean.

Modern, cosmopolitan Platja d'Aro lives coexists with elegant S'Agaró, where a recognised itinerary goes along the harmony of its architectural buildings. Castell d'Aro is the historical centre, and preserves all its medieval charm.

The three centers of the municipality offer dynamic, attractive  and complementary  proposals combining sport, culture, leisure and business in a natural setting, centred on the delightful sea front, with its impressive, endless beach and idyllic little bays.

Platja d'Aro’s dynamism remains full of life all year round, thanks to a complete programme of events and festivals, such as Carnival, the Beer Festival and the Medieval Market in Castell d'Aro. Companies and organisations choose Platja d’Aro to carry out conferences and conventions, determining projects and innovations of the future.




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