The urbanisation Mas Pere in Calonge will be upgraded

Costa Brava

The Calonge Town council has finally approved the reclassification of the urban planning in the urbanisation Mas Pere, Calonge, Costa Brava.

This means that very soon the works will start. In order to manage these works the Town Council has created a Management Body who will execute the project.


Mas Pere is already suffering quite some years from bad roads and an old infrastructure of the utilities.

The urban planning project foresees a  completely new installation of the sewer-, water-, street light- and telephone networks. The road paving, tarring, pavements and street furniture will also be fully renewed.



The Town Council is planning to contribute about 15% of the costs of the works; the remainder will be paid by the property owners. The amount to be paid by each owner will depend on various criteria, such as the size of the property, the built surface and the slope of the plot amongst others.


To have an idea, the quota for a plot of around 400 m2 will be appr. 9.000€ and about 22.000€ for a plot of 1000 m2 and can be paid in several installments. The exact amount per property is known and can be consulted at the Town Hall.


The works are planned to begin in September 2014.


It is our opinion, that despite the fact, that the property owners have to pay considerable amounts of money, this investment will pay off; not only because the property owners will immediately take advantage of the better roads and infrastructure,  but also property prices, which were negatively influenced by the bad state of the urbanisation, will increase.

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