Tasting the gastronomy of Calonge- Sant Antoni

Costa Brava

Tasting the gastronomy of Calonge- Sant Antoni

Calonge- Sant Antoni has got an old culinary tradition combining country and sea food, which gives remarkable combinations. This village, placed between the sea and the mountain range of the “Gavarres”, offers a wide range of natural products. The different menus organised during the year make it possible to taste the kitchen of Calonge- Sant Antoni with quality products for a reasonable price.The three leading menus are: the Prawn menu, the Bay menu and the Fish casserole menu. These gastronomical campaigns are organized by the Restaurant Sssociation of the “EL Plat Blau” (the blue dish):

The “Olla de Peix” menu (Fish casserole)

First a soup is made and many different kinds of fish are boiled in it, then, the fore-mentioned products are added – vegetables, bread, potatoes or noodles – according to the receipt of each chef.

You can savor this menu from the beginning of March till the end of April.


The Gamba menu (Prawn)

From the deep Mediterranean Sea, the reddish prawn shows in markets and shops. 

This menu is available from May till about the end of July.

The Bay menu/Norway lobster

The Norway lobster is the main character of a menu that takes place between October and December. The mushrooms (of the season) salad and stuffed squid complete this menu.

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