Precios de propiedades a la Costa Brava Central se estabilizan

Graph with prices of properties at the Costa Brava

Since 2007  average square metre prices in Spain as well as in Catalunya have come down by 27% according to Fotocasa, the leading index provider in Spain. 

This corresponds to a yearly decrease in prices of 6,75%.

It is very interesting to see however, that the pricedrop from 2010 to 2011 in Calonge has been only 2,1% and for the first time since years average prices in this beautifull town in the Emporda (2870 Euro/m2) are higher than these in the whole of Catalunya.

The town of Palafrugell which also has seen important negative corrections since 2007, even showed a small increase of 1% in prices during 2011!

This means, that in certain areas like the Central Costa Brava prices of real estate start to show clear signs of resistance and recovery.

“These figures reflect the strong increase in interest we notice over the last half year for properties at the central Costa Brava” according to Wim Verhoef, Marketing Manager at Porfinca Costa Brava Properties;  “Prices of quality real estate have become very interesting compared to prices in other surrounding countries ( like for example the French Riviera) and especially foreign investors have become very active in our market lately”.

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