New project for the Waterbreakers in the bay of Sant Antoni de Calonge.

Waterbreakers in front of the beach of Sant Antoni, Costa Brava

The beaches of Sant Antoni are characterized by the presence of 3 waterbreakers in form of a "T", constructed to protect the maritime boulevard en case of storms.
Caused by changes in the bay of Palamos (of which the most important is the extension of the port of Palamos) the water breakers are not fully effective anymore and in case of heavy storms the waves tend to overflow the boulevard of Sant Antoni.
In the near future 2 new water breakers (partly under water) will be therefor constructed in the bay of Palamos in front of the Sant Antoni boulevard.
There are 2 alternatives to this main plan: in one alternative the existing water breakers will coexist and in the other one the breakers will disappear.
Last Saterday during a meeting organized by the local town council, a majority of inhabitants voted for maintaining the actual breakers, because of the longer beach-line that these existing breakers create; the typical shape of the beach-line is appreciated by numerous families that visit the beaches of Sant Antoni every year during the summer.
This clear opinion of the inhabitants will be taken into account during the following meetings with the ministry of Medio Ambient in order to prepare the project for the modernisation of the hydraulic protection in the bay of Palamos.  

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