The perfect home during the day but at night ......…?


The perfect home during the day but at night ......…?

Nine out of ten times a property is purchased based on visits paied  during the day; although your impression can change slightly depending on cloudy or sunny weather, you can appraise the property and its surroundings well.

But, have you ever thought about the possibility, that the neighbourhood of your dream house could be different at night ?;  that the quiet area comes alive at night , or that there is no street light in sight ; that precisely in that street the youth get together or that there is just “something” wrong. 

Of course this is all very subjective; something which is considered a minor issue or even advantage by one person can be a dealbreaker for another.  That’s why I always recommend to my clients to visit the local area  where the property of interest is located during the evening , to avoid unpleasant surprises in future.

 Next time I want to talk about the importance of knowing the local solar irradiance during the four seasons. 

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