Four common Mistakes when selling a property.


Not hiring an agent; A professional agent will have more experience in marketing your property on- and off-line and negotiating the right price. Your agent will advice you in establishing a competitive selling price and is familiar with all the paperwork involved in real estate transactions. A good agent will always be available to deal with any problem during and after the sales process. 


Overpricing;  the main reason why a property does not sell is the price and generally not the location or condition. Overpriced houses often are not even considered for paying a visit , because the majority of potential buyers are very well informed about pricelevels.


Explaining how perfect the house is. Some owners feel the need to explain all minor details of their home and asking the visitors what they think about the property. Leave them have a look on their own (with the agent).  Best advice: just leave your home during visits.


The property is not prepared for showing ; Garden is a mess, house needs painting, cooking, pet odors etc. “There is only One First Impression”.

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